Spinning Bamboo, Silk Fibre

Apart from spinning my welsh ewe fibre I have also tried spinning bamboo and silk.

The bamboo was a challenge as it wanted to be spun thickly and I wanted to spin it fine!! Sometimes it was very slippy and othertimes it was rather sticky!! I must admit I didn’t really enjoy this fibre. The fluff got everywhere and it was definitely not very easy to spin. The only thing that was positive about the fibre was that it was very soft and glossy..

DSC_0031 (5)

DSC_0031 (6)

DSC_0034 (2)


DSC_0001 (8)

Silk on the otherhand was lovely to spin. I loved the colours and it was lovely and soft to spin up. It was rather slippy to spin and again wanted to be spun thicker than I wanted but it was a true joy. The fluff did get everywhere, but as it wasn’t as fine as the bamboo it wasn’t such a problem. It was lovely and soft and glossy and am definitely looking forward to spinning it again.


DSC_0004 (2)