My Sweet Little Angel

In February 1996 I sufferd my first miscarriage.

This miscarriage more than any of the others that has always stuck in my head and made me feel guilty. Some people say it wasn’t my fault, but I was one the one that climbed onto the toilet seat to close the bathroom window and fell. An hour later I began bleeding and a visit to the doctor’s and an ultrasound later confirmed that the little sac in my uterus had gone.

A few years later I came across a website called Virtual Memorials. I immediately created a memorial for my little angel, you can visit my little angels memorial by clicking here.

Every Valentine I say a special prayer for my little angel.

October 5th 1996 I should have been giving birth to my first child, that day was a very sad day for me as the guilt I had been feeling since the miscarriage finally mounted and I fell into a deep depression.

I managed to pull myself out of this depression and carry on. Christmas that year was tough, everywhere I went there were children excited and parents buying presents for their children to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree. I did not have a child anymore.

This October 5th I would have been celebrating my child’s 15th birthday. Instead of celebrating and spoiling my child I will be sitting at home snuggling with my two dogs thinking about my sweet little angel up in heaven.


The Schuyler Project

Last year I had a private message on Ravelry from a lady who was part of “The Shuyler Project” telling me that I had been chosen for a comfort blanket and asking if it was okay with me. I of course said I would be honoured to receive such a blanket as I know how long it takes to knit something like this.

In the Spring I received a parcel which was a total surprise for me as I had totally forgotten about the blanket. I of course hurriedly opened the parcel and this gorgeous blanket was enclosed.

schuyler project

schuyler project (2)

I found the following on The Schuyler Project website.

“The Schuyler Blanket Project originated as the Tammany Blanket Project on Ravelry shortly after I lost my daughter, Schuyler. Several of my friends, ?real life? and ?online? wanted to help my husband and I, but were not sure how. They decided to contribute their time and talent to create a blanket in which Mike and I could wrap up. We feel as if we are wrapped in a warm, loving hug each time we use our precious blanket.
I was so touched by the loving, generous spirit of my friends that I wanted to pay it forward. I asked the same women and men who made my blanket if they would help me bring a little comfort to other grieving parents. The response was overwhelming. In the last eighteen months, we have made or are making over twenty blankets for parents who have lost children of all ages. Their stories are all different, but their heartbreak is all the same. Nothing will ever replace their children, but we hope that through our work, we can let these ?angel parents? know that they are not alone and that their children are not forgotten.”

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the ladies that worked on my blanket and now that Winter is almost here I am looking forward to snuggling under it on the cold and wet days that are ahead.


Surprise Parcel

A couple of months ago I had a surprise parcel arrive in the mail from America.

I hadn’t purchased anything from America, so was really surprised to open the parcel up to find it full of yummy yarn.

The yarn was from a lady called Jeannine who had heard that I was on a strict yarn diet due to having to save money, and she had very graciously sent me the following goodies.

This I think is sock yarn which is very pretty colours, there is no label but is definitely sock weight, so will knit up to a yummy pair of socks.


The next three pictures also don’t have labels, but I think they are merino, so will make lovely shawlettes.




These 3 skeins are Manos Del Uruguay (I posted the story of Manos in my last post) and is Manos Silk which is really nice and will again make a gorgeous shawl.

Manos Silk (3)

The final skein of yarn is again Mano Del Uruguay, but is the Manos Wool Clasica which is a DK weight (I think it is anyway), so am not too sure what to make with it as it is only 138yds.

Manos Wool Clasica

I would like to give a huge thank you to Jeannine for your generosity and kindness, I will definitely have a lot of fun deciding what to knit with all the yarn.


The Harbour Gallery, Jersey

Last month I went to Jersey (Channel Islands) for a week with my husband and my parents to celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday.

As usual the weather was glorious and we did all of the usual holidaymaker sites and of course some shopping in St Helier.

Nearing the end of the week I hadn’t seen any yarn shops but had heard about a textile centre called “The Harbour Gallery” in St. Aubin’s. As it was Battle of the Flowers we decided to give the show a miss (it was very busy and very expensive) so we headed down to St Aubin’s to the Gallery.

When we got there it was closed, but a cheery man in the boat shop next door informed us that they would be open on the Friday/Saturday as there was going to be a craft market

So on the Saturday we headed down there.




They sold all sorts of crafty goodness, ranging from jewellery, buttons, material and of course yarn.

As you will all know by now I cannot resist buying some yarn when I see some yummy colourways, so I bought 2 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend.

Manos Silk (2)

Manos Silk

Each skein of yarn has the following written on the label.

“MANOS del URUGUAY (The Hands of Uruguay) is a non profit organization which assembles over 400 artisans in co-operatives scattered throughout the countryside of Uruguay. The aim of the organization is to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women. Manos Silk Blend is a luxurious blend of merino and silk. Hand dyed in large kettles to create a marbleized, subtly striated effect that forms a rich palette of glorious colours. No two skeins are exactly alike and there are no dye lots.”

Also each skein states the location and artisan of who/where the yarn came from.

As we were in St. Aubins we decided to have a look around the craft market. There was a lot of cards and beaded jewellery (none as good as mine of course) and of course the handmade soap. I managed to resist buying anything as I had splurged on the yarn.


On the way back we decided to stop have a cup of tea, and as it was a lovely day we sat outside and enjoyed the lovely weather.


My husband and father then decided to go for a walk along the beach, so my mother and I sat and sunbathed and of course relaxed, as you can tell we were all tired at the end of the day.


If you are ever in Jersey I would definitely recommend you go and visit the Harbour Gallery in St. Aubin as the little town is lovely and the Gallery itself is the perfect place to have some retail therapy.