The Schuyler Project

Last year I had a private message on Ravelry from a lady who was part of “The Shuyler Project” telling me that I had been chosen for a comfort blanket and asking if it was okay with me. I of course said I would be honoured to receive such a blanket as I know how long it takes to knit something like this.

In the Spring I received a parcel which was a total surprise for me as I had totally forgotten about the blanket. I of course hurriedly opened the parcel and this gorgeous blanket was enclosed.

schuyler project

schuyler project (2)

I found the following on The Schuyler Project website.

“The Schuyler Blanket Project originated as the Tammany Blanket Project on Ravelry shortly after I lost my daughter, Schuyler. Several of my friends, ?real life? and ?online? wanted to help my husband and I, but were not sure how. They decided to contribute their time and talent to create a blanket in which Mike and I could wrap up. We feel as if we are wrapped in a warm, loving hug each time we use our precious blanket.
I was so touched by the loving, generous spirit of my friends that I wanted to pay it forward. I asked the same women and men who made my blanket if they would help me bring a little comfort to other grieving parents. The response was overwhelming. In the last eighteen months, we have made or are making over twenty blankets for parents who have lost children of all ages. Their stories are all different, but their heartbreak is all the same. Nothing will ever replace their children, but we hope that through our work, we can let these ?angel parents? know that they are not alone and that their children are not forgotten.”

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the ladies that worked on my blanket and now that Winter is almost here I am looking forward to snuggling under it on the cold and wet days that are ahead.


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