Weiser Field Guides Reviews

Last year I was given a box of books from Red Wheel/Weiser Publishers for me to review.

I reviewed the first book and haven’t really gotten round to reading the others until lately (too many crafting books to read).

The three books I am going to review today are The Weiser Field Guides to Vampires, Ghosts and Witches.




Whereas I realise that these books may not be of interest to many people, those of you into the paranormal will love them. They are full of facts and information on fictional characters and real people in the past.

I found them to be very enlightening and really enjoyed them. You can find information on many witches from Harry Potter through to Moses and the same goes for ghosts and vampires.

These books would be a perfect christmas present for the older teenager or adult who is into the paranormal and I would definitely get the set.

You can get the books either from Red Wheel/Weiser themselves or through Amazon (you can can search amazon through the Amazon search box on the left of this post and I get a couple of pence whenever anyone orders anything through this link, it doesn’t cost you anything extra so I would appreciate the help).

With Halloween coming up they would also be a good Halloween gift instead of all the sweets that you normally give out to children in the family.


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