Shawl Knitting in 2011

In 2011 I successfully knitted 5 shawls. 2 were large, 2 were medium and 1 was small. All of them consisted of lace and they ranged from very fine lace weight yarn to the more heavier DK weight yarn.

This first shawl was knitted in DK weight yarn and is one of the medium shawls. The yarn was rather scratchy to use as it had a fine strand of glittery nylon running through it.


DSC_0010 (2)

This is the second medium shawl which was knitted in a gorgeous soft DK yarn with sequins placed throughout the yarn which added that extra bit of glam to the shawl.



This is the first of the large shawls which was knitted in yarn made of sugar cane. The yarn knitted up just like cotton but felt softer. The shawl is very large as it begins at one end quite narrow, then gets wider in the middle before going narrow again. I knitted some beads into this shawl to add a bit more texture and interest.

DSC_0015 (2)


This is the second large shawl and is circular made out of very fine lace weight yarn which I had on a cone from many moons ago that I found in my machine knitting yarn stash. It took me an age to knit up as it was knitted using tiny needles and of course every few rows the stitches doubled until it was very large. It is definitely something I would class as an heirloom shawl.



The final shawl is the smallest of the 5 and is again knitted using fine lace weight yarn. This shawl also tool me a very long time to knit as again it was knitted using tiny needles. This shawl could be used as a type of cowl or scarf as the size is ideal to use with the base of the triangle at the front “v” of your coat and then wrap the ends around the back of your neck and back to the front.



The majority of these shawls are available in my Etsy shop or via the link to my shop at the left hand side of this post.


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