In The Pink Shawl

This year I decided would be the year of the shawls. My first shawl that I started and completed was the “In The Pink Shawl” made out of Noro Sekku yarn which I believe is now discontinues (although I have been online and ordered a couple of skeins before they disappear). The yarn is very thick and thin but adds a lot of texture to the lace pattern which I really like, after all, all of the yarn I have handspun is thick and thin so I am in good company.


As you can tell the shawl is like a pair of wings (even though my blocking needs some practice). It is knitted in 3 separate pieces and then knitted together via the little netted triangles. The border is then knitted on picking up one stitch of the shawl as you go.



I have had lots of lovely comments about this shawl on Facebook and it will soon be up in Etsy in the next few days once I have gotten round to measuring it.

This shawl is definitely one of my all time favourite knits, but I don’t think I will be knitting another one anytime soon as the pattern is very challenging and did cause me a few headaches.


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