Commercial Yarn/Fibre or Hand Processed Yarn/Fibre

All of the hand-dyed yarn in my Etsy Shop has been hand-processed from the raw fleece. This means that I buy the raw fleece, skirt it, wash it, dry it, dye it, card it and then either sell it in batts or handspin it. If I handspin it, then of course there are a couple of extra steps which are spin the fibre, ply the singles, wind the plied yarn into a skein, wash the skein and leave to dry.

Not everyone does it this way, I am actually in the minority as the majority of hand-dyed yarn/fibre has been bought commerically prepared and then hand-dyed. In other words instead of my 5 or 9 steps the indie dyers do 1 or 2 steps.

It is only recently that I thought about this. The reason being is that I noticed that my handspun yarn/fibre seemed to be a bit more expensive than other indie dyers yarn/fibre. I soon realised why and asked my friends on Twitter for their opinion on my pricing. Quite a few people said that I was underpricing my yarn/fibre as I was putting so much more work into it.

I’ve not sold a lot of my handspun or hand-dyed fibre in my Etsy shop and now have to decide whether I should buy the commercially prepared fibre/yarn and simply hand-dye it and sell it, cutting out all the other steps.

You can see my handspun at my Etsy Shop where you can get a 20% discount in my Spring Sale using coupon code “SPRING2012”.

I would love to hear what you think!!