A Dyeing Fibre Tutorial

Whilst I was at Woolfest I bought some fibre to hand-paint and sell in my Etsy Shop

A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of hours spare so decided to have a go at hand-painting the roving I had bought and took pictures to create a tutorial showing you how I did it.

Firstly I soaked the roving in some water and white vinegar overnight which would help the dye adhere to the fibre.


The next day I squeezed out the fibre and laid it on a layer of clingfilm ready to begin hand-painting.


Now came the fun part.  I had already mixed and prepared the dyes in advance, so chose the colours I wanted to use and with some stencilling brushes I painted the dye onto the damp fibre.


Once I had done this I wrapped the fibre up in clingfilm and rolled it up like a swiss roll.

Next came steaming the fibre.
You can do this a couple of ways.  
You can either use a microwave, a saucepan or in an electric steamer.  
I chose the electric steamer as it is easier for me.
I put the wrapped up fibre in the steamer for 45 minutes.


Once the 45 minutes was up I left the fibre to cool down.
Once cool I unwrapped the fibre and rinsed it out to make sure all of the excess dye is washed out.
I then left the fibre outside to dry.
Once dry I chained the fibre to make it look pretty.


This is the finished fibre looking all nice and pretty.



2 thoughts on “A Dyeing Fibre Tutorial

  1. Nice tutorial. I will forward this to my daughter who is making some felt balls for tabale decorations for her wedding. My friend loves her yarn that I bought her.


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