A New Adventure

Just over a month ago I was told by someone that a shop in Criccieth (about 50 miles away from where I live) was looking for new artisans to sell their work in the shop. I um’ed and ah’ed about this info for a few days and then decided there would be no harm in going for an interview to see if my handknitted shawls and socks and also my handspun yarn and handpainted fibre was upto their quality standard.

So I telephoned the lady in charge of the shop and arranged to go and meet her the following Saturday with some of my work.

I had never been to Criccieth (not that I remember anyway), so hubby and I plugged in the Satnav and set off to Criccieth. It took about 1 hour 10 minutes to get there and we found somewhere to park straightaway.

Now people that know me well will know that I am rather shy about meeting strangers (I was bullied a lot in school when I was younger which has knocked my confidence), so I was rather panicky. I had nothing to panic about as Lyndsey was lovely and she loved my work. She had to get her hubby’s opinion before saying yes, but said that as far as she was concerned my work would fit in perfectly. So off hubby and I went to get something to eat. We had a lovely meal in Caernarfon and then set off home.

A couple of hours after arriving home I got the phone call confirming that I was indeed “in”. I was so pleased as I never think my work is as good as it could be, despite people telling me otherwise. I agreed to go in the following Saturday with all my goodies to set it all up and get a run through of the day to day running of the shop. Did I mention that part of the agreement was that I manned the shop one day a week (and of course the monthly rent fee which was reasonable)!!

As it happened all week I was poorly, so on Friday it was a mad rush to get everything out, label it and price it all. Hubby helped and we finally got everything in a large plastic container ready for me to take along. Hubby was working so I was to go on my own.

I have never drived to Criccieth and also have never used the Satnav, so it was very strange, but as we had already been once, I had a pretty good idea of where to go. Lunchtime Saturday I set off on my way. I got there in good time and carried my box into the shop.

I met Lyndseys husband (Pete) and Lyndsey agreed to help me set things up as I am not very good at laying things out on display. After a couple of hours it was all ready and they went through the running of the shop, from start to finish including using the till. I was rather nervous about the till as it had been years since I had used a POS machine or a Visa machine for that matter.

Anyway, around 4pm I set off back home full of excitement. I would be manning the shop on my own every Wednesday in future.

The following week I knitted some socks and spun up some yarn and then on the Wednesday morning off I went with my Satnav and a packed lunch to Criccieth. It was a glorious day and the shop was really busy. I managed to use the till okay (it was a lot simpler than the POS machine which I had been trained on years ago). I didn’t have to use the Visa machine, so that was still on my mind. I sold quite a lot of things in the shop and even some of my own stuff.

During a quiet moment in the shop I took a quick photograph of my little area.


A month has since passed and I had a lot of sales and even received my first months sales cheque which will now cover my petrol and rent for a month.

If you’re near Criccieth then please call in, the shop is called Grefftau Yn Antur and is in the centre of Criccieth. You can PM me or email me for directions and of course I’ll be there on Wednesdays.

In the meantime you can buy some of my work at Knitterscarlet