A Sad Time

I thought it was about time I began blogging again as it has been 7 months since I blogged last. The reason I haven’t blogged is firstly I was unwell for a couple of months, then it was Christmas and then there was a death in my family.

Back in February my sister passed away suddenly in her sleep. My father found her on the Sunday morning, but thankfully my 3 year old niece wasn’t there, she was sleeping in her father’s house that weekend. My sister was 31 years old. They couldn’t find the cause of death so there is going to be an inquest in August.

Below is a picture of my sister which was taken last year at my niece’s christening.


The past few months have been very difficult, my niece misses her mummy a lot and it is heartbreaking when she cries wanting her mummy. We all miss her a great deal.

Today was Father’s Day so I invited my mum and dad and niece for a BBQ with my husband and I. We had lots of fun with my niece and had some nice food and some even nicer wine. Below are some pictures from today.




As you can see we all had fun.

Well, that’s about it for now, I’m hoping to blog again soon with some pictures of things I have been making and I might even put up a coupon code for my Etsy Store


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