Shop Update

This evening I decided to do a mass shop update as I had quite a bit of Merino fibre that I had handpainted and not listed.

Below are pictures of the fibre that has been listed this evening. It is perfect for spinning or felting.

granite (1)

marine (1)

ochre (1)

pea1 (2)


sky (2)

wallaby (1)

Next time I’ll share the handspun yarn I have put up in the shop.



After a long hiatus I am back blogging.

A know a lot of you will have thought I had dropped off the face of the earth, but alas I am still here and have got a lot to tell you.

Since I last blogged I have left the shop in Criccieth and am selling my fibre in a shop locally and my handknitted shawls and socks in a local craft centre. Sales haven’t been too bad for the Summer, but am hoping now the colder weather and darker nights are here that my sales will increase.

My eldest dog, Barney had to be put to sleep earlier in the year as he was riddled with Cancer and had a heart murmur. He lasted well and was a good age and I still miss him as he was a great cuddler. I now only have the one dog left and that is my little baby Dino.


My niece has grown up a lot since I last blogged and she is a right little character. She has a dirty laugh like my sister and is growing up just like her. She even likes shopping like her mummy did.



I’m still knitting, spinning and dyeing fibre and will tell you a bit about what I’ve been working on next time.

That’s about all for now. Don’t forget you can buy what I make over at my Etsy shop

Until next time, stay warm and safe.