Welcome to my new blog (and my archived old blog)

Welome to my new Blog

I’d like to take a moment to welcome my new readers and hopefully some of my old readers have followed me over from my old Blog to here.

For those of you who don’t know me, I run Knitterscarlet over on Etsy and had the old blog also called Knitterscarlet over on Blog.co.uk.  Blog.co.uk is closing down on December the 15th 2015 which meant I had to find somewhere else for my Blog.

I am a multi-crafter.  I knit, spin, dye my own fibre and hopefully yarn and also make beaded jewellery (although I haven’t beaded for quite a while).

I have 1 dog called Dino and have been happily married for 18 years.

That’s about it for now.  I would love it if you would follow me and in return I will follow you back.

Also check out my Etsy store and see some of the things I have up for sale.  You can also follow me there which means you’ll be updated automatically when I list anything new.

Bye for now xx


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