A Knitting Order (in a week)

Late Thursday afternoon I was asked to knit a jumper for a 3 year old who needed a jumper in a 4 year old size.  This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but they needed it for next Saturday.

I immediately went on Ravelry to find a pattern.  My choice would have been a straightforward stockinette jumper, but I couldn’t find one suitable.  In the end I found a half cabled, half fisherman so rib one.

There was nowhere local to buy the wool, so I went to the next best place, Black Sheep Wools.  Something was going to go my way, as the yarn was to be Aran weight.  I immediately ordered the wool and crossed my fingers that it would arrive swiftly.

Yesterday, the yarn arrived.  A huge 400g ball of scrumptious Aran weight yarn

As the yarn didn’t arrive until late afternoon, (as does all my post), I didn’t get to cast on until last night.

The pattern (luckily) was very intuitive, so I got quite far by bedtime last night.  I had wanted to get as far as the armholes, but by 1:15am I was worn out and my concentration was disappearing fast, so I called it a night.

That’s all for now.  I’ll update you tomorrow with how much I’ve managed to get done tonight.


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