Final Post About The 7 Day Order

As promised here is the last post abou the 7 day order.  I actually managed to get it completed in just over 5 days.

Here it is in all its completed glory.

What do you think??  Let me know by either messaging me or commenting below.


Day 5 of 7 Day Order

Last night I finished the sleeves of the jumper and sewed it together.  I also began working the collar.

I didn’t get much time to work on it as I had been out until late, but am pleased with my progress.  Tomorrow will be the final instalment of this set of blog posts, so make sure you check in.


Yarn Shopping at Black Sheep Wools

As promised here are pics of the yarn I bought at Black Sheep Wools St Warrington yesterday.  I was very organised and took a shopping list, and believe it or not I stuck to it apart from some extra special yarn.

Firstly is some yarn I bought for a cardigan for me.

Then some yarn to make a boys cardigan.

Lastly on my list was a ball each of Galaxy DK.  I bought 2 balls of each colour last time I was in Black Sheep, but when I got home and looked at patterns I realised I should have bought 3 balls, so now I have enough.

The following yarn wasn’t on my list, but I couldn’t resist it at the price it was at.  I love knitting lace shawls and these lace weight yarns will make gorgeous shawls.

As you can see I was really good and can’t wait to cast them on.


Day 4 of 7 Day Order

Tonights post is going to be very quick as I’m worn out and am about to go to sleep.

Yesterday I managed to complete one sleeve and knit a quarter of the second sleeve.  Here’s a pic of the completed sleeve.

I won’t show you a pic of the other sleeve as there’s not that much to see as it looks the same as the other one.

I went to Black Sheep Wools today and stuck to my shopping list apart from a couple of extra balls of yarn. I’ll post pics tomorrow as it was late on my getting in and I was too tired to pull it all out and photograph them.

Tomorrow you’ll probably get 2 blog posts, one with my order update and the second about my day out.  I’m off to sleep now, so until tomorrow, night night xx