Test Knitting

For a few years now I’ve been test knitting patterns for designers.  Sometimes I’ve been lucky and been paid, but most of the time the only thing I get is the free pattern.

That last 2 knitting patterns that I’ve test knitted are ones that I’ve not been paid for and they were nightmares.  One of them had 14 versions of the pattern sent out and the designer was hard work.  Everyone told me to rip it out and to tell the designer that I was quitting, but alas, I persevered and completed the pattern.  I wasn’t even sent a completed version of the pattern or thanked.

Now I’m beginning to think that all test knitters should be paid “something”.  Whether it be monetary or a skein of yarn.  We put many hours of work into each test knit and often don’t even get a thank you.  The designer then goes on and puts the pattern up for sale.  Nowhere else would someone be working for nothing, as that’s what we’re doing, working for the designer for no payment.  We buy the yarn and we then spend our time knitting it up, even being told on the pattern that we’re not allowed to sell the garment we have made, but we’re more than welcome to give the garment away (I’ll post about this another time as it is something I don’t agree with).

What do you think about test knitters not being paid?  I’d love to hear back from you with your opinions.


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