Insomnia, Flu and Lack of Knitting

As usual I’m suffering from insomnia this evening, so I thought I would write a quick blog post.

Am I the only person that is absolutely worn out, yet when I switch the light out and curl up, I’m wide awake.  I feel so tired, yet just can’t drop off to sleep.  My insomnia isn’t helping by the fact I am full of cold and have a chest infection. 

I’ve felt so ill the past week that I missed my knitting club and haven’t knitted.  The lack of knitting is proof how under the weather I am feeling.  No matter what happens, I always try and get a few rows of knitting done each day, but the past week has been knitting free.  

I feel so unwell that I’m going to have to cancel my hairdressers appointment on Tuesday.  The thought of sitting in a chair for 2 hours whilst someone dyes my hair, and trying to make polite conversation, is just too much for me to deal with at the moment.

Well, I suppose I should switch my iPad off and try to get some more sleep.  The way I’m looking at the moment I could do with as much beauty sleep as I can get.

P.s. I’d love to get some comments, as I haven’t had any yet since I continued my blog here, so please, comment, even if it’s just to say hello, and to let me know I’m not talking to myself.


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