Test Knitting

Somehow at the beginning of March I managed to agree to complete 3 test knits.  The 1st was a crescent lace shawl in 4 ply that was to be completed by the end of last week.  The 2nd was a child’s lattices cardigan in Aran weight for a 6 year old, which I’m knitting for my niece.  This one needs completing by the 31st of March and finally is a circular lace shawl in 4 ply that needs completing by the 10th of April.

As you can imagine this is a lot of knitting for 5 weeks.  You will be glad to know I completed the 1st shawl with a couple of days spare.  I’ve even managed to wash and block it, and have photos too show once I upload them and process them.

The cardigan is nearly completed, I’m half way down the second sleeve, so just have the neckband and front bands to complete.  The thing about this cardigan is that I’m going to have to venture into my button tin to find buttons for it.

The final shawl is half completed.  I’ve got 289 stitches on my needle, the next stage will be to double the amount of stitches to knit the 4th chart, and finally the attached border, which will take forever to knit.

I’ll keep you updated on how I get on.


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