Hexipuffs and Jigglypuffs

The past few weeks I’ve been struggling to find my knitting mojo, it just disappeared.  I’ve been doing a lot of sock test knits and think I burned myself out.  Nothing I pulled out kept my interest until I pulled out my project bag with some spare sock yarn left over from some socks I’d been making.  It was my project bag with my hexipuffs in it.  

For those of you who don’t know what hexipuffs are, they are double-sided hexagons stuffed with toy filling.  All the hexipuffs get sewn together and make a blanket or rug.  The pic below is of some hexipuffs I made on Sunday.  I’ve now fallen down the hexipuffs rabbit hole and am hoping my knitting mojo will reappear soon.

Something that has been keeping me occupied for the past month is the game Pokemon Go.  I am so addicted to it and so is my hubby.  I’ve even got my 6 year old niece into it.  We found a rattan a in her hair.

My favourite Pokemon is Jigglypuffs.  I just only have a few of them, but they are so adorable and cute.  Pokemon isn’t just for children, people of all ages can enjoy the game, so go and “Catch them all”


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