Happy New Year and a New Adventure

Firstly, I’d like to wish all my readers and customers a Happy New Year.  I know it’s nearly a month late, but due to ill health I’ve not really been upto blogging.

Anyway, for Christmas, I got a new sewing machine off my hubby.  My old sewing machine was very small and very finicky to get the bobbin threaded correctly, so I decided I needed a new sewing machine.  

As you can see this sewing machine is very large, but is super easy to thread, especially the bobbin, and the needle even threads itself automatically.  The reason I wanted a new sewing machine is that I’ve gotten hooked on project bags.  I used to buy cute washbags and use them as project bags, but when I went to Bakewell Wool Gathering, I bought 3 proper project bags and have fallen down the project bag rabbit hole.  To curb my spending, I decided to buy some material and make my own, and when I get good enough I’ll be selling them over at my Etsy Store.

Last week I felt reasonably well, so with my hubby’s help I made my first project bag.  What do you think???