Bakewell Woolgathering

Two weeks ago I travelled upto Bakewell for the Bakewell Woolgathering. I attended the show on the Sunday and had a fun day. I bought lots of goodies and had chats with a few of the vendors. I finally met Rosie from Rosie’s Moments in real life and we had a lovely chat.

After a while hubby entrusted me on my own whilst he went back to the car for a bit. Of course I behaved and didn’t buy much whilst he was gone. He did catch me in the act of buying some yummy yarn, he appeared behind me as I was hiding it in my rucksack.

Here are some pics of what I bought.

I’m really excited to start knitting some yummy shawls and spin the fibre up, I’m hoping my spinning mojo reappears as it has been missing since last year. I also bought some new dyes, so will be creating some yummy yarns soon.

All in all I had a great day, it was tiring and very busy to begin with, but by mid afternoon it went quieter and this is when I had a proper look and splurged on the Truly Hooked yarn and the Sheep on Mars yarn. It’s definitely worth visiting the show if you enjoy handpainted yarn, if you prefer the commercial yarn, I’m afraid to say this wool show is not for you as there was only one stall that sold commercial yarn.

I’m looking forward to next years show already!!


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