Bakewell Woolgathering

Two weeks ago I travelled upto Bakewell for the Bakewell Woolgathering. I attended the show on the Sunday and had a fun day. I bought lots of goodies and had chats with a few of the vendors. I finally met Rosie from Rosie’s Moments in real life and we had a lovely chat.

After a while hubby entrusted me on my own whilst he went back to the car for a bit. Of course I behaved and didn’t buy much whilst he was gone. He did catch me in the act of buying some yummy yarn, he appeared behind me as I was hiding it in my rucksack.

Here are some pics of what I bought.

I’m really excited to start knitting some yummy shawls and spin the fibre up, I’m hoping my spinning mojo reappears as it has been missing since last year. I also bought some new dyes, so will be creating some yummy yarns soon.

All in all I had a great day, it was tiring and very busy to begin with, but by mid afternoon it went quieter and this is when I had a proper look and splurged on the Truly Hooked yarn and the Sheep on Mars yarn. It’s definitely worth visiting the show if you enjoy handpainted yarn, if you prefer the commercial yarn, I’m afraid to say this wool show is not for you as there was only one stall that sold commercial yarn.

I’m looking forward to next years show already!!


Looking for sample knitting/test knitting work

I’m looking for paid sample knitting or test knitting work within the UK.  If you know of anything please let me know.

I love knitting and have decided it’s time I got paid for doing what I love.  I’ve been test knitting for years, and now feel I should be paid for my expertise.

My Etsy shop has been quiet despite my trying to promote it.  I’ve been dyeing yarn, so need to get the word out about my new venture.  Go and have a look.  There’s lots of yummy colourways to choose from.  If you need more than 1 skein, let me know and I’ll dye it up for you.

In the meantime please tell your friends and family about myEtsy store.


New Sock Knitting Pattern

One of my New Year Resolutions, was to publish a sock knitting pattern.  You’ll be glad to hear after a lot of work, tech editing and test knitting, I published it a couple of weeks ago.

The socks are called Vanilla with a Twist, named because they are like a vanilla sock, but with a couple of interesting twists.  I’ve heard good things about them from my test knitters, who say they fit perfectly.

You can get the pattern at my Ravelry Store or in my Etsy Store.  I’m also having a 20% sale in my Etsy Store to help celebrate Valentine’s Day.   So go and treat yourself to something lovely and soft and snuggly.




Happy New Year and a New Adventure

Firstly, I’d like to wish all my readers and customers a Happy New Year.  I know it’s nearly a month late, but due to ill health I’ve not really been upto blogging.

Anyway, for Christmas, I got a new sewing machine off my hubby.  My old sewing machine was very small and very finicky to get the bobbin threaded correctly, so I decided I needed a new sewing machine.  

As you can see this sewing machine is very large, but is super easy to thread, especially the bobbin, and the needle even threads itself automatically.  The reason I wanted a new sewing machine is that I’ve gotten hooked on project bags.  I used to buy cute washbags and use them as project bags, but when I went to Bakewell Wool Gathering, I bought 3 proper project bags and have fallen down the project bag rabbit hole.  To curb my spending, I decided to buy some material and make my own, and when I get good enough I’ll be selling them over at my Etsy Store.

Last week I felt reasonably well, so with my hubby’s help I made my first project bag.  What do you think???


Bakewell Wool Gathering 2016

Last weekend I went to the Bakewell Wool Gathering.  It was the first time I had been to this fibre show, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised.  There were a lot of Indie dyers there, mainly yarn, but there was some fibre.  The majority of the yarn was a reasonable price, but there was a couple of stalls that were asking ridiculous amounts of money.  Over £40 for 100g of yarn.  I wish I could get that price for my hand dyed yarn.

I bought a lot of yarny goodness, and some project bags to tide me over until I get round to making my own.

On Sunday we travelled to Chesterfield so I could visit Hobbycraft to get some grosgrain ribbon for my future project bags.

Hubby also treated me to a new steam iron, as mine was very old and was getting rusty.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away, although I’m not too sure which I prefer, Woolfest or Bakewell Wool Gathering.  Woolfest is mainly fibre whereas Bakewell is mainly yarn, so I guess it depends on what I need to buy.


I Love Yarn Day

Saturday was the 6th birthday of the “I Love Yarn Day”.

I stayed home all weekend and didn’t get to go to any yarn shops, and thought there might be some other fibre crafters that couldn’t get out, so decided to list all of hand-dyed yarn in my Etsy Store.

I also decided to put my whole shop on a 20% off sale.  I’ve had a few orders where people were taking advantage of the great prices.   The sale finishes Tuesday night, which gives you 23 hours to get a bargain or get some Christmas presents at a great price.  Tell all your friends and family so that they also get a bargain.


Is your pet strange??

Just a quick post tonight to ask if your pet is as strange as my dog Dino??

This is Dino all snuggled up in his blanket.  I had to move the blanket to see where his head was and to check he was okay.

Tell me the strange things your pet does??