Ghosts and Haunted Houses


Does anyone else feel like they have a ghost in there house?? :??:

I’m not talking about bumps in the night and strange draughts, I’m talking about the “items which go missing” especially my items.

The latest is a pink fleecey beanie golfing hat. I purchased this hat on the way back from the NEC golf show and have never worn it. It was placed on top of my golf shoe bag ready to be put in my golf bag when I next played golf (of which I haven’t yet). The item before is a pair of earrings and before that numerous items including hair bands (all left on my dresser table), hairbrushes and my medication out of the cupboard!!!

Now I know what you are all thinking, “dosey old bat she is putting things down and then not remembering where she has put them”, 8| and usually I would agree with you, but the latest incident has totally baffled me as it has not been worn out of the house and the house has been turned upside down and still no sign of the hat.

I wouldn’t normally be that bothered about a hat, but this hat in particular is kinda special, kinda special because I do not have another fleecey beanie 😥 hat only baseball caps and those funny baseball caps with no tops on them only the visor part (supposed to be really handy on hot days when you need to keep the sun out of your eyes, it doesn’t matter about getting sunstroke 😀 ) so I really want to find this hat as I am hoping to go golfing over the next couple of days to try out my new golf clubs.

Please tell me I am not going crazy, :crazy: the next thing I will be waking up and my three dogs and husband will have gone missing :-/ .

In the meantime, I will keep looking for “the hat”.


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